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Updated: 3/29/13

Rebecca Sinclair
Thank You( !)
...for making
California Caress, Perfect Strangers,
Montana Wildfire each
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California Caress, by Rebecca Sinclair; She promised him her body...he demanded her heart.

I'll take 'What is 'Super
Storm Sandy? for
$400, Alex....

Overhaul. Right! I did say I was going to overhaul this website... didn't I? Oh, I did. I see. I mean, of course I haven't forgotten!  Me? Forget? Hahaha! The update is all set and should be right here. When? I don't know, um... soon! It's due to arrive any day, as a matter of fact. Any day at all....
I have an idea! Until the new site gets here, why don't you make yourself at home while I um....
—think, dammit, think!—
Of course you'll want to, ummm....
What? Oh! Sorry, I was trying not to be too obvious.

Say, you didn't happen to, er, notice the cover for California Caress on your way here, did you? It's just over to the left. I don't know how you can miss him to be honest. He's the one on the cover. The big, strong, seriously-gorgeous-hunk-of
cowboy! I said that he's the serious hunk-of-cowboy on the cover. So you did notice it? Great, I—what? Don't be ridiculous, I always grin like this when I'm happy. What?! Hey, I can't help it if my, er, normal smile makes you think of cats and lunches and...ewww, birds?  Really?!
That cowboy you may or may not have noticed is goes by the name of Drake, Drake Frazier. You can't tell by looking at him, but he's a bit of a loner. Some might call him a misfit. And everyone calls him a gunslinger extraordinaire! I do in fact know I'm grinning again, but thank you. I can't help smiling, not when I know something you don't. You see, what you also can't tell by looking is that there's just oh, so much more of Drake's sexy self tucked away inside the actual book! And speaking of down-and-dirty sexy
 —hey, I don't know about you, but I most definitely was!
 Whoops! Pay no attention to me. You just keep doing what you're doing.
~~~ Oooooooogle Draaaake.... ~~~
I didn't say anything! Except not to take your eyes off that cover. There you go! Don't let your gaze budge one single inch from all that rippling—hey, why are you looking at me? Don't you have some oogling to do???
~~~ Oooooooogle, Draaaa-aaake.... ~~~
Oogle, I say, oogle!
Ah, there you go. Just right! Isn't that better? It's like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, isn't it? Like your day just got considerably brighter? He has that effect. You  look like you feel more relaxed already...

 —unless, of course, you're not female, in which case you might-or might not-feel any of thatshrug I don't judge—

You be good. Take care of the website. And whatever you do, don't take your eyes off him. And while you're doing that, I'm just going to casually back away and slooowly shimmying off the side of the webpage....
I'll only be gone a minute. Maybe ten. But not more than half an hour. An hour at most. Before you know it, I'll be back!

Found buried deep inside the ol' Sinclair Family Album

Stinky & Larry Niven, curled up for the night.
Larry Niven ... my cat's favorite author. Stinky (unfortunately for her, that is her name) refuses to go to bed without her favorite book.
Stinky is still more than a wee bit annoyed about being kicked out of her spot (at the top of the webpage, not the laundry basket!) by the Handsome Hunk with the Throbbing Abs of Steel. lol!

On Shelves Now!

Perfect Strangers, by Rebecca Sinclair; She knew she wasn't beautiful, so how did he always make her feel so?
Perfect Strangers

She knew she wasn't beautiful.

Yet the heat in his eyes made her feel soooo....

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Montana Wildfire, by Rebecca Sinclair; There were strict rules that kept them from being together, but rules were meant to be broken.

Montana Wildfire

There were rules meant to keep them apart....
But weren't rules meant to be broken?

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(Complete to March 2013)
California Caress — ISBN#: 0-8217-2771-0
Passion's Wild Delight — ISBN#: 0-8217-2998-5
Prairie Angel — ISBN#: 0-8217-3225-0
Wild Scottish Embrace — ISBN#: 0-8217-3445-8
Montana Wildfire — ISBN#: 0-8217-3617-5
Forbidden Desires — ISBN#: 0-8217-3796-1
Scottish Ecstasy — ISBN#: 0-8217-4156-X
Sweet Texas Kiss ISBN#: 0-8217-4493-3
Forevermore — ISBN#: 0-8217-4837-8
Perfect Strangers — ISBN# 0-8217-5266-9
Scottish Ecstasy(Special Hardcover Edition)
Golden Dreams — ISBN# 0-8217-5683-4
Heart's Whisper — ISBN# 0-8217-5885-3
* Murphy's Law
California Caress
Montana Wildfire
Perfect Strangers

* digital
*§ digital, available now!

on a lazy Monday, just hanging out with a friend


The envelope, please! Today's winner of
Most Ignored Backtitle
goes to...?

Murphy's Law
Can Murphy McKenna's conscience allow her to turn her back on the handsome stranger?
A man who may be a common thief, an uncommon bank robber....
or worse?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
"Knowledge is limited.
"Imagination encircles the world."


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About the Author

Rebecca Sinclair has lived on the rocky eastern seacoast of New England all her life; first in Maine, where she was born, then in Massachusetts, where Reb - Drawingshe grew up, and finally settling in the biggest little state of the union: Rhode Island. For the last 15 years she's lived in a large turn-of-the-century (the last century; circa 1865) house … that came complete with a widow's walk, a Table-of-Death (shhh, don't ask) and...well, what New England house worth it's cellar would be complete without a ghost? Or two.

Her favorite time to write is in the wee, wee hours of the morning, when all the "sane" people are asleep.

For the very curious, you can read an interview with Reb here, or even more in-depth one here.
Aside from the ^^^ above social networks, you can get in touch with her by the following methods:

Email: reb@rebeccasinclair.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/90768.Rebecca_Sinclair

Rebecca Sinclair
PO Box 15385
E.Providence, RI 02915

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I am soooo behind on, well, everything right now! Offline mail as well as on. I apologize
to anyone who is waiting for anything from me. I'll get to it. I promise! When? Um, how about right after I update the website?  ;)

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